1. 使用conda创建虚拟环境并安装PySPH:

srun -p 64c512g -n 4 --pty /bin/bash
module load miniconda3/4.10.3
conda create --name pysph_test
conda activate pysph_test

conda install pip cython numpy
pip install PySPH
  1. 安装成功后执行以下命令

pysph run elliptical_drop
  1. 然后可在终端得到如下结果:

Running example pysph.examples.elliptical_drop.

Information for example: pysph.examples.elliptical_drop
Evolution of a circular patch of incompressible fluid. (60 seconds)

See J. J. Monaghan "Simulating Free Surface Flows with SPH", JCP, 1994, 100, pp
399 - 406

An initially circular patch of fluid is subjected to a velocity profile that
causes it to deform into an ellipse. Incompressibility causes the initially
circular patch to deform into an ellipse such that the area is conserved. An
analytical solution for the locus of the patch is available (exact_solution)

This is a standard test for the formulations for the incompressible SPH
Elliptical drop :: 5025 particles
Effective viscosity: rho*alpha*h*c/8 = 0.5687500000000001
Generating output in /dssg/home/acct-hpc/hpcpzz/pysphtest/elliptical_drop_output
No of particles:
fluid: 5025
Setup took: 6.09816 secs
100%|████████████████████| 1.1kit | 7.6e-03s [00:39.3<00:0.0 | 0.035s/it]
Run took: 39.31432 secs
Post processing requires matplotlib.


  1. 使用conda创建虚拟环境并安装PySPH:

srun -p small -n 4 --pty /bin/bash
module load miniconda3/4.8.2
conda create --name pysph_test
conda activate pysph_test

conda install pip==21.3.1 cython numpy

pip install PySPH
  1. 此步骤和上文完全相同;

  2. 此步骤和上文完全相同;


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